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Why Sharing Other People's Content Benefits You

Are you the person in your circle of friends who always seems to know what to do? Are you the problem solver in the office? How about at home? Do you have the final say? If you always seem to be the one people look to for confirmation, why not show and continue that same energy on your social media timeline?

While it may seem counterproductive to push the article, pictures, good news from another account, in reality, you are positioning yourself as someone who is a thought leader and trusted source of information.

Just make sure you give credit where credit is due by using a repost app for Instagram. (The app will automatically add the username of the original owner of the photo. This often makes life easier on days when you're short on content and caption ideas. It really is O.K. to let someone else do the talking sometimes...)

When possible, make sure your caption includes the name or social media handle of the original creator.

After that, enjoy the increased engagement that is sure to appear next time you take a peek at your analytics.

According to The Social Launch, "Content curation is valuable for your audience and helps you to connect with influencers." A content strategy that is entirely about you and only YOU many not always be the best approach to getting and keeping the attention of your audience. Engage your audience with content from your favorite author, influencer, or leader in your industry. Add a little variety to your timeline with a simple reshare.

Chime in, digital creators! What are your thoughts on making reposts part of your digital marketing strategy?



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