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Create a Facebook Event Page

  • Navigate to the "Create Event Tab" using your Facebook mobile app or desktop version

  • After setting up the event page, use the "invite" button to notify your Facebook friends about your upcoming event. (Ask your friends to do the same!)

  • Use the "share" button to share the event on your personal page. You can also share the event in a group. (But make sure the group allows event promotion, first!)


Utilize New and Existing Partnerships

  • Make a list of three businesses, organizations, or people who have some synergy with the event you are hosting

  • Discuss a content-sharing agreement with each partner on the promotion of your event

  • Add each promotion partner as a co-host for the Facebook event page

Note: After adding a co-host, make sure the admin of the other page accepts your request. Your event will appear in the event section on the page of your co-host once the request is accepted.

You increase the visibility of your event substantially by doing this!


Add a Temporary Profile Photo on Facebook

Build excitement through solidarity and a profile photo! What's more exciting than sharing a fabulous new profile photo of yourself? Sharing one that promotes your upcoming event, of course!

  • Create an event badge or announcement here

  • Swap out your current profile photo with a temporary picture that puts everyone on notice that something amazing is on the horizon

  • Encourage your supporters and all who have purchased a ticket to do the same


Change Your Banner Photo

Show your event some love by changing the banner photo on your personal, business, event, and/or group page.

Your followers will be notified that you changed your photo and will have the option to like and share the image. So make sure you add a caption with a call to action before publishing the new banner photo.

Before you get started on your cover photo, make sure you have the correct dimensions.


Share Details About Your Event on Facebook Live

Don't be camera shy! Facebook Live is a great way to raise brand awareness and engage your audience–for free! Take time to prepare and share all of the exciting details about your event during the live broadcast.

If you would prefer not to take on this task alone, consider interviewing a special guest affiliated with the event or a subject matter expert who can attest to the importance of attending.

Also, consider the following ideas:

  • Host a Q&A. Invite your followers to join you for the broadcast and encourage them to prepare questions for you in advance

  • If your event is about skills building or career development, use this time to share a few helpful tips related to your industry

But don't give away too much! Use this time as a teaser with a promise to share even more at your event!

Facebook reaches 59 percent of social media users. The social network also has 2.80 billion monthly active users and 1.84 billion users who access the site daily.

If that is not enough to convince you to utilize this effective digital marketing tool, consider the fact that more than 200 million small businesses around the world are using Facebook to increase their online presence.

As you continue to search for new and creative ways to market your event and increase the number of attendees. Make sure Facebook is at the top of your event marketing list!



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