is confidence, a skilled team, and a plan.

Founded in 2014, SAVVY Consulting & Communications, LLC is a digital consulting agency.

No matter the problem, we are solutions-driven and place a high value on the quality of our work and client experience. Our team brings a wealth of experience and our partners are trusted voices in their respective industries. 

Our clients are not only Mission-Driven but high-earning leaders at the forefront of: 


Your Digital Fixer

Meet Your "Digital Fixer." 


Monique is a digital media professional, advocate of women and youth in STEAM, and founder of SAVVY Consulting & Communications. With 15 years of experience at the intersection of marketing, technology, and government, Monique leverages the power of digital media as a catalyst for positive change and awareness.


Whether setting media strategies, creating messaging across digital platforms, or amplifying voices of change, Monique is a trusted partner with key organizational stakeholders.


As a powerful communicator and people connector, she captures the attention of target audiences, facilitates engagement, and promotes community building.


She is driven to lead by example and encourage young women to confidently pursue their academic and professional aspirations, even when the odds are stacked against them.


Ehi Aimiuwu

UI/UX + SEO Specialist

Shukura Wells

Social Media Marketing Consultant

Chelsea Wiersma

Content and Digital Strategist

Desiree Jones

Video Editor/Graphic Design/Videographer

Monique Wingard 

Owner/Principal Consultant


Promo-Jones Video Content Bureau

Desiree Jones

Relevant Solutions Group 

Kia Williams

Rosemint Media

Rachael Turner

Geek Empowered

Ehi Aimiuwu