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Meet the Founder: Sisters Pride Soap & Body Co.

Seeing other women who walk in purpose inspires me. Helping women share that same spirit with the world is central to my mission. I was introduced to Dr. Theresa Robinson after joining the board of Girls Like Me Project, Inc., where she serves as chairman. I learned very quickly that her passion for excellence extends from home to the community, in the classroom, and beyond.

Q: What motivates you to do the work you are doing through Sister's Pride Soap & Body Co?

A: A feeling of independence, having control over my creative process, being able to provide a product that is healthy and beneficial to the African-American community. Those are things that motivate me.

Q: Did you have any key mentors or people who deeply influenced who you are in your entrepreneurial journey?

A: I have a familial history of entrepreneurship. So striking out to do something entrepreneurial... I come from a family of entrepreneurs before it was en vogue. Before it was considered fashionable to be considered an entrepreneur. My grandparents owned their own bar. My paternal grandfather had his own construction business. My father is a freelance filmmaker and videographer.

Right before the pandemic hit, I was getting a lot of support from my family saying "Of course you're going to do something entrepreneurial. We were waiting for you to something entrepreneurial. Of course, you'll do that!"

The influences have been watching my family who I have watched struggle. There have been good times with business. There have been bad times with business. But knowing the independence that we have to shape our own future and that they had to shape their own future has been very motivating to me.

Q: When you think of the future of soap making and the fact that there aren't a lot of Black women in that space, what gives you a sense of hope?

A: What gives me a sense of hope is that there's a next-generation and that I can be a role model. While I am an entrepreneur, I am an educator by trade. So teaching courses or teaching classes on how to make soap, is encouraging to me. Because I know that there will be another generation like me. I picked this up historically. So being able to give back in this way makes me hopeful.

Visit to learn more about Theresa and Sisters Pride Soap & Body Co.



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